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3 reasons why we face writer's block

Updated: Jul 17, 2023


It happens to the best of us. No matter what kind of writing you pursue, we all face writer's block at some point or another. Although, the reasons may vary- the obstacle is real. Some reasons why we face the inevitable are based on:

1. Fear: A major reason why many writers do not succeed. They are afraid of putting their thoughts and work out publicly; opening themselves up to critique, criticism, and failure.

You must rise above the negativity around you, and in your mind to be successful. Don't allow outside influences to violate your art. The only real opinion that matters, is your own.

Side note: I'm notoriously tightlipped about my ongoing projects. Allow yourself to embrace what you want to write, and how you want to write it on your own terms. You will find strength in preservation.

2. Perfectionism: You try to get everything perfect in your head before getting it down on paper, you never do, and so you never begin. The need for everything to be just right is a fallacy many writers face.

Some advice that has helped me in many aspects of life, including my writing... START BEFORE YOU ARE READY! Getting out of your comfort zone can become one of the most valuable parts of your writing practice. You may even surprise yourself with what you can accomplish.

3. Timing: Life can feel chaotic. We often go through our days feeling like there's never enough time to get what we want done, and accomplished. As a mother of two young girls, I often feel as though there is never enough time in the day for my own personal goals.

The truth is, we make time for our priorities. Schedule time for yourself to write. Don't allow interruptions or distractions.

While working on my first novel, I often found that I worked best at night when everybody went to sleep. Although, some days were incredibly difficult to achieve this, often sacrificing my own self care, I stuck with it. My sense of accomplishment in my work made those long nights worth it.

Find what works best for you. Make yourself and your writing a priority.


Overcoming our obstacles in writing can often be the most difficult part of this practice. Believe in yourself. Stay the course. Make your writing a priority.

You've got this!

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