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Updated: Jul 17, 2023

A poetic short story from one of my fictional characters–escalation of a bad relationship. (Explicit)


Passion consumes us.

Both during the day and night.

I misunderstand lust for promise.

Tonight–another fight.

Love is real and hot like fire.

It fuels our hearts’ desires.

A kiss, a touch, a recognition.

Fan the flames of admiration.

The problem with fire is, it will burn you.

A short fuse ignited a blaze of fury.

Quick to criticize. Expressions held surly.

Defensive remarks as I dodged the verbal knife.

A ‘fuck you’ lands, slashing his wife.

No apology. A gaping wound in our life.

I gave him space while I sew it up.

Eventually it heals. He refills my cup.

Underneath it all, the scar remains.

A reminder of what’s in his mind.

The bad blood stains.

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